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1.the circulator: ginkgo biloba leaf tincture.

Function: provide a bolt of energizing energy to circulatory system. get blood and oxygen flowing to brain, eyes, sexy parts, and beyond. march on.

Extracted from: dried leaves
Strained during: full moon

(****disclaimer: ginkgo biloba opens blood vessels. if you or your loved one are currently taking blood thinning prescriptions, please check in with a trusted care provider before ordering this for yourself or a loved one.****)


2. regeneration: milk thistle tincture.

Function: cleanse. regenerate liver cells. detoxify energy.
immune system strengthening.

Extracted from: Dried seeds
strained during: new moon

3. immune back-up: turmeric and ginger tincture.

Function: fight inflammation. cleanse. antibiotic properties. immune system strengthening to fend of the common cold and other light to mild immune system depressors. keep bouncing.

Extracted from: fresh rhizome
strained during: waning half moon


4 .be easy: hops blossom tincture.

Function: natural anxiety reliever.restful sleep. release tension. cuddle with self and others in peace.

Extracted from: dried flowers
strained during: new moon

a note: all medicine above has been crafted in harmony with our planet's moon cycle and with 80proof brandy. i am in the process of crafting non-alcoholic liquid medicine and medicine which listens to the rhythms of other planetary moon flows.

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